c 1940 vintage

plated valves

handmade bell

gold brass



Out of stock



This “vintage” 103 is almost certainly a pre-war instrument.

It is a lovely example of Alexander horns style form this period including hand engraved valve caps and a larger 1st F slide bend. Being gold brass and unlacquered with a hand hammered traditionally made bell, this horn has a lovely rich tone. Think of the concerts it must have played in!

This horn may be older than most of the 103s we have on offer, however it has been very well looked after with quite a number of interesting additions and repairs. The valves have been plated to increase the compression – which only adds to the longevity of the instrument.

Until recently this has been played professionally in Ireland.

It has an extra slide which can replace the Bb slide. This has a manual valve to allow for handstopping  on the Bb horn without transposition.

If you feel you are the right person to care for this instrument and love it for the next part of its history then please get in touch!

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