Full Double

Screw Bell

Gold Brass



MB5 Compact Case

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The Alexander 200 model is a full double horn that was developed to celebrate 200 years of the world famous Mainz-based company. Alexander describe this model as being like the 1103 – and indeed it is in the way the design is an open wrap, creating a free-blowing quality usually found in Knopf/Geyer wrap instruments. The 200 comes as standard with a rather marvelous engraved garland flare.

This particular horn is dated  mid 1990’s , having recently be re-lacquered it is in pristine condition, the gold brass and garland bell  features both help the player produce a warm velvety sound.  If you are looking for a pristine, screw bell horn complete with an as-new Marcus Bonna MB5 compact case, then look no further!!

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