Full Double

Screw Bell

Yellow Brass


Croc suitcase style case


The Alexander 403 full double horn  model we don’t see very often. Not sure why – as it’s a worthy alternative to any of the other well known professional double horns on the market! With an unconventional rotor in the middle of the back of the horn to give the instrument good balance, a longer mouthpipe (always an advantage) and air that moves the same way as the valves turn to give a smooth feel this horn should a contender for anyone thinking of changing to a different, professional level double horn.

This particular model dates from the early to mid 2000s and as you might expect shows some signs of lacquer wear. It has a lovely warm tone without much resistance, It is a yellow brass, lacquered instrument with a screw bell and comes in a traditional Alexander screw bell “croc” case.

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