Europa bore

Weighs 3.1kg

Yellow brass


Out of stock



This is a great horn but a tricky one to give a model number to – it has undergone various customizations to make it exactly what its current owner (a principal horn player in Europe) wanted!

Essentially it is a Paxman model 71 full triple with stopping valve, but it has had the stopping valve removed to reduce the weight – pushing it toward the model 70 design.  (It still has a full F side, so stopping is still totally possible!) This makes it not too heavy a triple! It was built in 1984 when these Paxman altos were still a newish and very popular design that has continued to this day.

The bell size has been increased from Medium to Europa, to help give a freer, more open sound.

It is unlacquered yellow brass and has been converted to screw bell using an Alexander ring, so it will accept flares made by Alex.

It weighs 3.1kg

Because of these customizations we have priced it lower than a standard Paxman triple – so it is a lot of kit for the money! Also to help the sale the seller is willing to accept payment in stages – discuss if interested!

It comes with a good quality backpack case.

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