Compensating double F/Bb


With double stop valve

Gold brass

Screw bell

Hard case suitcase-style case and bonus soft gig bag

Out of stock


This is a gold brass, unlacquered, compensating double with double stop valve and screw bell.  Pscherer was a maker in East Germany (Klingenthal) near Markneukirchen and that is evident in the parts used to make the horn – being very similar to other the instruments coming from the former East Germany. Interestingly it is marked MIGMA, which signifies being part of the co-operative formed from makers in the region to sell instruments to the West.

This horn has a lovely sound and plays freely. The only drawback being the weight – not as light as some other compensating doubles. However, we have priced this horn keenly and would suggest the possible addition of a duck’s foot/flipper (£60 + VAT) would be a welcome addition to a horn player’s arsenal.

This horn comes with a suitcase-style case and a screw bell soft gig bag.

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