Bohemian style hand horn


Full set of crooks

2 cases – one for corpus and one for crooks


Hand made in the Czech Republic, this Jiracek hand horn 110 model is in wonderful condition. This model is a bohemian style instrument with a bell taper slightly bigger than the French style taper of the Jiracek 510 and 511 models. This horn comes with crooks for the keys of C-alto, Bb, A, G, F, E, Eb, D, C basso,  and a coupler for Bb- basso.

Unlacquered, as standard, the horn also comes with two case – one for crooks and the other for the corpus.

This is the perfect instrument to get going with natural horn whether in an amateur or professional capacity, with the larger taper allowing for easy transition between modern horn and early horn playing.

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