French Style

Crooks: C-alto, Bb, A, G, F, E, Eb, D, C basso, Bb basso plus adaptor for C- basso

11.7mm bore

Separate cases for corpus and crooks

Pitched at A= 440, 430 and 41

Out of stock



Handmade in the Czech Republic, the Jiracek model 510 is based on the French style of natural horn with a  bell taper from a Franz Weckert instrument. The instrument’s main tube is 11.7mm bore and with adaptors can be played at A= Hz 440, 430 or 415.

This horn is supplied with all crooks from High C down to low C.

It comes with 2 cases – one for the corpus and one for crooks.

In good order generally this is capable of pro work or will provide lots of fun for a player at home!


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