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Garland flare


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This horn was made by Engel in Vienna.  It is an un- lacquered yellow brass instrument with a fixed bell garland flare. In splendid condition overall.

This horn is being sold by Peter Dyson – longtime 4th horn of the CBSO. It came to him from the collection of Josef Veleba, who played in the Vienna Philharmonic from 1940-1977 and then taught at the Vienna conservatory.  It was sold as part of his estate in 1994 – you couldn’t find a vienna horn with better provenance!

The receiver takes a mouthpiece with a vienna shank – a mouthpiece is supplied with the horn.

The horn comes with a modern backpack style case.

The perfect instrument for joining in with Scottish vienna horns or vienna horns of scotland –  who enthusiastically get together to worship these special instruments – also suitable if you are thinking of auditioning for the VPO!

Vienna horn playing opportunities…

Scottish Vienna Horns: https://sites.google.com/a/svh.org.uk/index/

Vienna Horns of Scotland: http://www.viennahornsofscotland.com/

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