Full double

Gold, yellow and nickel brass

Large bell taper

Screw bell


Original Holton case

Out of stock



The Holton 281 full double horn utilises the same Kruspe wrap as other popular models such as the 178, 180 and 179, however this horn differs with its mix of different brasses. The main bell section of the instrument is made from a gold brass, or rose brass as it is referred to by Holton, which helps create a darker tone in the quiet passages and brassy when loud. The main bows and tuning slides are yellow brass with the outer slide legs and leadpipe being nickel. This model has a large bell taper and a detachable bell. It is in very good condition, with little lacquer wear. This is a professional level instrument which would suit advanced students (on teacher’s advice), amateurs and professionals alike. It comes with the original screw bell case.


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