Compensating double F/Bb

Stopping valve

Yellow brass


Screw bell

Medium bell taper


The Paxman model 33 is a free-blowing pro level, compensating double with stop valve.

This model became a popular choice of horn for many top players in the mid-late 2000s and can be heard on a huge number recordings – from orchestral recordings to film soundtracks and jazz albums.

With an open feel to play and well matched  F/Bb sides the horn is lovely and light to hold, but still with a good solid projecting tone.

This horn was built in 2007 and has had just one owner – with a fabulous professional CV! In fact it can be heard on many albums. (We’re sure a signed one could be supplied with it!)

In fact it can be seen and heard here

And if you liked that you can buy the album here!

It is a yellow brass horn with a medium bell taper, screw bell and lacquer. Condition is very good with just a little lacquer wear in the usual places.

Comes with backpack style case.



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