Descant Bb/f alto

3rd ascending valve

Medium bell taper



Fixed bell

Bags Case

Out of stock



This Paxman 42 is a Bb/f alto horn with an ascending 3rd valve on the Bb horn. This instrument came about as a result (to quote Willi Watson’s recent article in The Horn Call, Feb 2018) of Dick Merewether’s “semi-obsession with the French system of ascending third valve” and became “particularly popular amongst film and sessions players and in the Royal Opera House”. There are some very good alternative fingerings available with this type of instrument and better tuning on notes such as D when it is played on the 3rd valve.

If you think you have the right sort of mind for this instrument and an interest in what you can achieve with alternative fingerings then this is definitely worth a go. Built in 1968, this horn is lacquered nickel silver with a fixed medium bell and comes with a Bags fixed bell case.

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