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Paxman double horns – really thinking of the model 20 – had such success and a great reputation that grew throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Not wishing to rest on their laurels, in 1999 Paxman introduced the model 23 – a horn similar in design to the 20 but with a more open wrap for a free-blowing feel. This horn is not a Geyer wrap instrument, but feels similar.

That wasn’t all though. In the same year, Paxman saw the potential for a bell taper that would sit between the medium and large tapers. This was known as the Europa. This combination of the 23 design was often paired with the Europa taper to create a free-blowing, open feeling instrument. The gold brass of this one also adds to the warmth of the tone. The combined effect is like relaxing on a warm beach and sighing with happiness…

Really you need to try it to see what you think! If you need the specifics – this horn is lacquered with a minor amount of wear in the usual places such as the guards, has a screw bell and is in good condition. It comes with a Bonna MB5.

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