Raoux Millereau (Rue D’Angouleme)

Brown piston valve section

Silver plate

F, A and high Bb crooks


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-Every now and then we take in a horn for sale that has a story, with the details of its history passed on by family members.  This Raoux Millereau (Rue D’Angouleme), dating from 1885-95, is one of those instruments. You can read about this horns history in the British Horn Society Horn Player Magazine.

A silver plated, sauterelle horn with the original William Brown piston section, this horn has the original F crook and in addition a French high Bb crook and an A crook which is probably English. It plays at A=440Hz.

Raoux horns were played by some of the most prominent players of the late 19th and early 20th Century including members of the Brain family. We know that this horn was played alongside Dennis Brain – with a photo of its previous owner playing second to him – see the photo gallery!


It is sold with the original brass “zephyr” mute and an Aubrey Brain mouthpiece – so all of the accompanying equipment of the day as well.

Levy article



If you would like to be the owner of this piece of horn history please get in touch! Chances like this do not come along very often….


The photos in the gallery show this horn in action, including playing alongside Dennis Brain!!







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