Hand Hammered Flare



This Vienna horn built by the E Schmid company is a very classy instrument with all the extras!

The instrument is unlacquered with a hand hammered screw bell. It can be easily changed from an F horn to a Bb and features some interesting tone holes/water keys which are controlled by a thumb lever. Here is what the Schmid website has to say about them:  (It has)”5 water keys respectively so called “tone holes”. 4 of them are tone holes, which can be connected to the thumb lever. With these 4 tone holes you get all top notes absolutely secure! With the same lever connected to 3 water keys you may empty practically all the water in the instrument within a few seconds.”

As an added bonus (as if it wasn’t amazing already) the horn also comes with a Cardo case designed to hold the extra crook and keep the instrument extremely safe!

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