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Yellow Brass

Original Yamaha case

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The 667V was Yamaha’s more handmade, fully professional version of the 667 Geyer style instrument that was being made through the 1990s and 2000s – now replaced by the 671 model.  On the inside (where you can’t see) the 667V features an ingenious dual plane valve in the 4th rotor casing and very light, hollow 1,2,3 rotors. Following the American tradition for unlacquered horns, Yamaha usually offer their top models in this state. It can be occasionally made shiny again with a bit of Brasso and time.

This instrument is a lovely free-blowing, fixed bell instrument, with a very even feel throughout the range. With top engineering and build quality, and in excellent condition this horn is well worth your consideration. It comes with the original Yamaha case.

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