Bb/high f alto

Europa bell size

Dual bore

Yellow brass


Screw bell

Duck’s foot and adjustable finger hook

Suitcase style Paxman case

Out of stock



Paxman cemented its reputation as a world class horn manufacturing company in the 1960s and 70s with the development of reliable and in-tune descant horns.

Dating from 2002, this Paxman model 45 alto Bb/high f was built in yellow brass and has a screw bell. It is lacquered and in very good condition with a duck’s foot/flipper and an adjustable finger hook. This instrument has a Europa taper which sits between the large and medium tapers in size.

The model 45 also has a dual bore system, meaning the two sides of the horn are different bore sizes. In this case the high f side of the horn has smaller bore tube to allow for a more even transition when changing between the Bb to high f side.

This horn comes with a suitcase style Paxman case.

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